Passion Fruit Jalapeño Preserve


Passion Fruit Jalapeño 11 Ounces – Hot And Spicy

Sweet tart mildly spicy Passion Fruit Jalapeño Preserve.

Made with Passion Puree and local Jalapeño Peppers.

You Will taste the sweetness of the passion fruit on the front of your tongue, the flavor of the jalapeño on the back of your tongue, and the heat just dances on top.

This is our #1 seller in the hot and spicy category. The only people who think this is spicy are the people who believe table pepper is spicy.

Delicious on bagels and cream cheese, cream cheese and crackers, or spring roll dip. Fabulous as a glaze or sauce on any meats, pork, beef, chicken.

2018 Good Food Award Winner.

1st prize 2019 International Spicy Flavor Award Winner.







Passion Fruit Jalapeno 11 Ounces – Hot And Spicy


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