Rich Fruit Preserves made with naturally grown fruits, organic cane sugar, and GMO free fruit citrus pectin until it reaches a nice thick consistency. It generally contains the pulp and sometimes the skin of the fruit. A Food that is made with fruit preserved in organic cane sugar, popular types of preserves are jellies, jams, marmalades, and fruit butters.

  • Hawaiian Lychee Preserve Label Hawaiian Lychee Preserve
    Start a incredible smoothie or refreshing drink. Serve over ice cream or cheesecake. Add to you fresh salads. Makes a savory sauce for meats or fish.
  • Lemon Ginger Preserve Label Lemon Ginger Preserve Flyer
    Fabulous on shrimp, fish or chicken as a glaze. (Think “Tequila Shrimp") Whisk and use as a simple syrup to make drinks or cocktails, and of course wonderful on your toast or English muffin.
  • Mango Preserve 11 Ounce Jar Mango Preserve Flyer
    Our Preserve is made with fresh Big Island Mangos, Haden, Keats, Edwards and other large Summer mango varieties ,organic Cane Sugar and GMO Free Citrus pectin. This is one of our most versatile preserves from pancakes to ice-cream, poultry to fish, you absolutely can't go wrong with Our Mango Preserve
  • Meyer Lemon Pineapple Preserve Label Meyer Lemon Pineapple Preserve Flyer
    A Savory tart sour Preserve, Made with our Farm’s fresh Meyer Lemons , Hawaiian grown fresh Pineapple, organic cane sugar and GMO Free citrus pectin.
  • Meyer Lemon Turmeric 11 Ounce Jar Meyer Lemon Turmeric Flyer
    Made with Meyer Lemons from our farm, local Turmeric, organic cane sugar, GMO free citrus pectin. Wonderful Sour tart preserve, put it on your morning toast or biscuits. Use it in your hot or cold drinks.
  • Passion Fruit Ginger Preserve 11 Ounce Jar Passion Fruit Ginger Preserve Label Main
    Passion Fruit Ginger 11 OZ. Our sweet tart Passion Fruit Ginger Preserve is handmade in small batches with organic cane sugar and GMO free citrus pectin. This is our most decorated product earning 4 international culinary awards within the last 12 months. It is a wonderful blend of fresh Lilikoi and a nice zing of ginger. Great on toast, use as a glaze on meats, whisk and use as a syrup for drinks or cocktails. Earned 2019 Great Taste Award from The Guild of Fine Food in London. Awarded 1st place in 2019 International Flavor Awards. Selected " Best Fruit Preserve " in the 2020 European International Taste Awards. One judges comment "What an aroma! The Preserve has a real zing, bright, tart, and vibrant in the mouth. Simply delicious."
  • Passion Fruit Hawaiian Pepper Smoked Pineapple 11 Ounce Jar Passion Fruit Hawaiian Pepper Smoked Pineapple Flyer
    Passion Fruit Hawaiian Pepper Smoked Pineapple 11 Ounces - Hot And Spicy Sweet tart mildly spicy Passion Fruit Hawaiian Pepper Smoked Pineapple Preserve. Made with slow smoked local Kiawe wood island pineapple, Hawaiian pepper, organic cane sugar, GMO free citrus pectin. Call it a “Lazy chef’s smoked meat”. You don’t have to smoke anything. We already did. Delicious on brie or cream cheese, Fabulous glaze or sauce on meats, pork, beef, chicken. 2019 Good Food Award Winner.
  • Passion Fruit Jalapeno Preserve Flyer Passion Fruit Jalapeno Preserve Flyer
    Passion Fruit Jalapeño 11 Ounces - Hot And Spicy Sweet tart mildly spicy Passion Fruit Jalapeño Preserve. Made with Passion Puree, local Jalapeño Youll taste the sweetness of the passion fruit on the front of your tongue, the flavor of the jalapeño on the back of your tongue, and the heat just dances on top.? The is our #1 seller of the ??hot and spicy??. The only people who think this is spicy are the people who believe table pepper is spicy. Delicious on bagels and cream cheese, cream cheese and crackers, or spring roll dip. Fabulous as a glaze or sauce on any meats, pork, beef, chicken. 2018 Good Food Award Winner. 1st prize 2019 International Spicy Flavor Award Winner.        
  • Passion Fruit Jam Flyer Alternate Passion Fruit Jam Flyer
    Awarded 2018 Great Taste Award by The Guild of Fine Food in London. One Judges comments "Intense passion fruit aromas. With a burst of flavor intensely fruity and delicious." This is a great addition to well anything really, you can cook with it, you can use it as a topper for ice cream by itself. Possibilities are truly limitless with our Award Winning Passion Fruit Jam
  • Passion Fruit Orange Guava Preserve 11 oz Jar Passion Fruit Orange Guava Preserve
  • Pink Guava Preserve Flyer Alternate Pink Guava Preserve Flyer
    Pink Guava Preserve 11 OZ. Guava is an amazing glaze on any type of broiled seafood. A great taste of Hawaii with every bite.
  • Strawberry Pineapple Preserve 11 Ounce Jar Strawberry Pineapple Preserve Flyer
    Strawberry Pineapple 11 OZ. Delicious Strawberry Pineapple Preserve. Made with Waimea grown strawberries and island pineapple, organic sugar, GMO Free citrus pectin, and (a lot) less sugar than a normal jam. Opens with the amazing Waimea strawberries and finishes with a surprising sweet spike of a pineapple. Great on sandwiches, granola, pastries, or over ice cream.
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