Calamondin Lilikoi Marmalade

Calamondin Lilikoi Marmalade


Our Calamondin Lilikoi Marmalade, made with our sour orange calamondins, passion fruit, organic cane sugar and GMO Free pectin.

Tasty as a salmon glaze. Divine on toasted brie cheese, with sliced almonds, on a fresh French baguette.

Awarded Gold at 2017 World’s Original Marmalade Awards in Cumbria, Great Britain. Featured in Fortnum and Mason in London,
Awarded Gold , Judges Award,
At 2020 European International Taste Awards
named “Best Marmalade 2020”
Wonderful FARMER’S STYLE rough cut, sour, sweet and tart

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Our Award Winning Calamondin Lilikoi Marmalade is made in small batches with the freshest ingredients going from our farm to your table. So whether you know what an Orange Calamondin is or what kind of fruit a Lilikoi is or not, this award winning Calamondin Lilikoi Marmalade will hit the spot. This Marmalade fits perfectly at afternoon tea and shines brightly as a glaze for fish and poultry; it’s sure to please!

Calamondin, Citrus mitis, is an acid citrus fruit originating in China, which was introduced to the U.S. as an “acid orange” about 1900. This plant is grown more for its looks than for its fruit edibility and performs well as a patio plant or when trimmed as a hedge.

Liliko‘i is the Hawaiian word for passion fruit. A vine native to South America, it was brought to the Islands in the 1920s. The most common variety on Maui is the yellow liliko‘i (Passiflora edulis forma flavicarpa). It’s available much of the year, and during the peak summer season, its Jurassic vines can bear hundreds of fruits.


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