Smoked Pineapple


Smoked Pineapple 11 OZ.

Your instant Smoke house glaze, Our Smoked Pineapple preserve is made with Big Island Local Kiawe wood slow smoked Hawaiian pineapple, organic cane sugar and GMO Free citrus pectin.

Our Hawaiian pineapple is professionally smoked for us by our friends at Hawaiian Volcano Sea Salt Company, for years I have used their salts, they are out of this world. One day at a Farmers Market Sam their owner and I were talking about BBQ’s , and I was telling him I would like to have a smoked pineapple, without that burnt taste common to backyard smoking to add to our preserves, A match made in Heaven. Using Sam’s smoking techniques and our fruit we have earned in last 2 Years two international Gold Metals for our Savory Smoked Marmalades and an American Good Food Award for our Passion Fruit Hawaiian Pepper Smoked Pineapple.

?Our Smoked Pineapple preserve is lightly sweetened with just the right amount of smokey flavor to add to your own sauces, chili, in rice dishes, or ?anywhere you want to add a smokey sweet fruit addition. Of courses use over pork, chicken, fish as a glaze. I even add it to steamed salmon and other fish with cream cheese to create tasty spreads.

you don’t have to anything, we’ve already done the smoking.

?For the smoked BBQ Lover.



Smoked Pineapple, 11 Ounces


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